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Acumatica Summit 2024: Manufacturing a Great Summit Schedule

Acumatica Summit 2024 has something for everyone, and in the second article of our series focused on Summit’s industry-specific opportunities, we explore the sessions tailor-made for our manufacturing community members.
Debbie Baldwin | November 6, 2023

Acumatica Summit 2024: Manufacturing a Great Summit Schedule


By now, you’ve likely heard that Acumatica Summit 2024—coming January 28 – 31, 2024, at the Wynn Las Vegas—has grown from two to three days, providing attendees expanded opportunities to experience the social excitement of our award-winning event as well as delve more deeply into the magic of our industry-leading cloud ERP solution.

Summit is an all-encompassing event, combining insightful keynote messages with almost 100 breakouts laser-focused on helping attendees dig deep into the subjects, issues, and skills that matter most to them.

We understand that attendees want to understand both the broader trends that are shaping the global, business and technology landscape and the essential details that directly pertain to their own industry area. So that you know all that Acumatica Summit 2024 has to offer, we’re highlighting the sessions geared towards each industry in a new series. We started with Construction, and today, we’re focusing on the great line-up of sessions and experiences for manufacturers.

Manufacturing Happenings and What Manufacturers Can Expect at Acumatica Summit 2024

Manufacturing is rightly considered the backbone of our economy. Manufacturers convert raw materials into valuable finished goods, and in doing so, supply us with a variety of high-paying jobs, innovative technology, and a better way of life. Consider these facts provided by the National Association of Manufacturing:

  • Manufacturing value-added output was $2.905 trillion in the first quarter of 2023.
  • Every $1.00 spent in manufacturing results in a total impact of $2.60 to the overall economy.
  • S. manufacturers perform 55.2% of all private-sector research and development.
  • Record-high spending and growth in private manufacturing construction.

Still, for all its impressive stats the manufacturing industry is not immune to challenges. Labor shortages, an unstable economic environment, and supply chain disruptions continue to fester, forcing manufacturers to reevaluate how they operate.

According to Deloitte’s 2023 Manufacturing Industry Outlook report, their reevaluation should include tapping into advanced technologies as a way to mitigate risk.  The report noted that companies with higher digital maturity “were able to pivot faster than manufacturers with limited digital capacities.”

In other words, technology is key to remaining competitive, creating efficiencies, and scaling operations, and during Summit, our main stage sessions will provide a broader vision of where technology is going. Keynote messages will also include conversations with manufacturing customers who will share their stories of how they’ve successfully leveraged Acumatica’s cloud ERP solution to grow their businesses and set them up for future success.

Additionally, Summit offers product-focused keynotes highlighting the latest feature updates that apply to the manufacturing industry, while our ever-growing Marketplace will be filled with expert ISVs happy to discuss their manufacturing applications’ capabilities. And, if that’s not enough, we’ve planned 11 breakout sessions tailored to address manufacturers’ unique needs.

Manufacturing Breakouts 101

As a manufacturer, you’ll have an opportunity to get up close and personal with the features and capabilities of our Acumatica Manufacturing Edition. A few of the compelling topics for manufacturing companies include:

  • Getting the most out of dashboards and reports.
  • Boosting traceability with lot and serial tracking.
  • Mastering multiple mode manufacturing.
  • Achieving time phased and inventory replenishment planning.

As with the different topics, there are different types of breakout sessions. The first type is an Informational Session, which provides the latest industry trends, product details, feature specifics, and issue background specifically designed to increase your knowledge of Acumatica and understanding of technology. An example session, which can be found in the Acumatica Summit 2024 Agenda, is Manufacturing ISV Solutions: Getting Even More out of Acumatica Manufacturing Edition.

This session will discuss Acumatica and ISV solutions to common business challenges. ISVs will be on hand to answer direct questions on a range of topics, including what ISV applications are available and how they work with Acumatica. Attendees will also learn about solutions for process manufacturing, quality control, CAD/engineering integration, inventory planning, product labeling, configuration management, and scheduling.

The second type of breakout session is the Interactive Session, which is structured for participant engagement and the exchange of ideas, opinions and information, typically featuring a panel, group discussion, or roundtable format and provides a platform for presenters and participants to share their insights and experiences and respond to questions. In Acumatica Manufacturing Edition: Ask the Experts, a panel of Subject Matter Experts—product managers, developers, consultants, and sales specialists—will answer as many questions about Acumatica Manufacturing Edition as possible.

Finally, Focused Learning Sessions take a deep dive into common and sometimes complex business process requirements, covering scenarios and designed to alleviate business pain points. For example, Improving the Visibility of Production Dependencies in Projects will focus on how the right solution, production and projects can be linked to ensure manufactured materials are produced in line with each project task. Numerous companies in Architectural Products, Building Supplies, and Prefabrication and Contract Manufacturing (EPC) are leveraging these capabilities in Acumatica Manufacturing Edition. In this session, attendees will:

  • Learn how the Work in Process cost of a manufactured good can be tracked to a project.
  • See how costs and revenue are applied to Projects.
  • Explore use cases and workflow examples of direct-to-project materials manufacturing.

Because these and other manufacturing sessions fill up quickly, we recommend you register now to secure your spot!

Manufacturing Success at Acumatica Summit 2024

As a manufacturer within the Acumatica community, Acumatica Summit 2024 provides a perfect opportunity to explore the topics most important to you. You’ll continue your professional education while enhancing your skills and knowledge of our comprehensive cloud ERP software while enjoying the exciting Vegas atmosphere and our fun social events that encourage networking, connecting, and building relationships.

To learn more about Acumatica Summit 2024, check out the Summit agenda and contact the event team at support@acumaticaevents.com with any questions. For any questions about our cloud ERP softwarecontact our team today.

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