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Acumatica Marketplace enables you to build high-performing web-based applications that meet complex business requirements. Using the Acumatica Marketplace you can create cloud applications 400% faster and 400% cheaper than developing from scratch.

Top 5 reasons to join the Acumatica Marketplace today:

1. Strong Development Platform

Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform is the development platform that ISV use to build cloud and SaaS applications.

  • Pre-integrated accounting and financials
  • Built in reporting and inquiry engine
  • Highly secure – all business logic runs in the server
  • Highly controllable access security rights system
  • Feature rich – includes document management, transaction attachments, business wiki
2. Flexible Deployments

Applications developed using the Acumatica Development Tools can be offered on-premise, hosted on standard plans, or delivered as a service (SaaS). Quickly build web-based applications that have the appearance and performance of desktop applications.

  • Works with all popular web browsers
  • Supports multi-tenancy for the lowest cost per user
  • Minimizes network traffic
3. Familiar Working Environment

Acumatica provides a development environment that is fully contained inside Microsoft Visual Studio so your developers do not have to program in multiple development languages such as Java, JavaScript, and HTML. Acumatica tools generate 100% Microsoft .NET managed runtime code that runs on a standard Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server.

4. Our Tools Are Your Tools

All of the applications in the Acumatica Financial Suite are built using the Acumatica Development Tools. These are the same tools that are available to you and your development team.

5. An ISV business model that works

There is no faster, or more profitable way to offer a web-based, SaaS, or hostable version of your application.

  • Everything you need is included – modifiable source code to our applications, report writers, dashboards, document management
  • You control how your solution is priced – Acumatica is licensed per server so your costs are fixed
  • Host your solution wherever you like – you are not tied to our data centers
  • We offer help and support during development, and after release
  • We can help you gain exposure through our worldwide Partner network

Acumatica Marketplace — get ready to differentiate your business!

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