Time Management

Acumatica’s Time Management Software helps you capture employee or crew time for projects, services, and payroll with mobile time entry and flexible approvals workflow.

Capture Time for Projects, Services, Payroll, and Other Business Functions

Time tracking for employees, contractors, and other staff or resources. Team leaders record time for crews of multiple employees with a single click. Time is entered into the application from any web browser or through the mobile application. Field service and manufacturing shop floor workers can clock-in and clock-out when performing tasks. Time is automatically calculated and collected on a consolidated timesheet.

Dynamically route timecards for multiple approvals depending on the employee and tasks being performed. Project managers and supervisors receive alerts when new time activities require their attention. Configure approval workflows to notify multiple managers for approval. Approvals may be made in the browser application or via mobile devices.

When used with Project Accounting, Time Management activities post to projects to account for costs and expenses against the project. Time activities are also used for construction, service management, manufacturing, and Acumatica Payroll. Time activities can be integrated with external Human Resource applications.

Key Benefits of Time Management Software for your Company

  • Native Time Capture

    Time Management is embedded and licensed with the Acumatica platform. There is no additional software to license or to install. Time Management connects to all system areas, including project accounting, construction, service management, manufacturing, and payroll.

  • Device-Agnostic

    Enter time activities through a secure browser or the mobile app on any device, anytime, anywhere. Managers review and approve time activities in the system or on the go with the mobile app.

  • Approval Workflows

    Automated notifications alert managers when new time activities require their approval. Rejected activities notify employees so they can take appropriate action to correct the time activity.

  • Project Accounting

    Time entries flow through to project accounting for project costing and billing. Time entries can be marked as billable or non-billable. Mark time entries for certified jobs, identify union local details, and work class compensation codes. Post updated project costs from within Time Management instead of waiting to see them until after payroll has been processed.

Important Features of Time Management ERP

Time Entry

Enter time in any browser or mobile device. Time entry activities support clock-in and clock-out transactions.

Approval Workflows

Configure workflows to notify project managers or supervisors when time activities require their review. Project managers and supervisors can edit, approve, or reject time activities from a browser or mobile app. Workflows support multiple approval levels based on the employee or tasks performed. Approvals may be configured based on the employee, project, or other time activity detail. Notify employees when time activities are rejected or approved.


Accurately track time spent on projects. With Weekly Crew Time Entry, construction companies can enter work hours by team, reducing order entry time and errors.

Service Management

Easily capture travel time, break time, and work time. Enter your individual time or for an entire crew.

Project Accounting

Time entry flows through to project accounting for costs and expenses related to projects or specific project tasks. Time activities are marked billable or non-billable. Billable activities can be marked up depending on the project, task, employee, or activity being performed. Post updated project costs from within Time Management instead of waiting to see them until after payroll has been processed.

Acumatica Payroll

Time entries can be defined for use with certified jobs and union locals with the capability to use work class compensation codes required for construction. 


Manufacturers can create time activities from the labor collection application.

External Applications

Integrate time activities with external applications such as Human Resources Management.

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"Acumatica handles inventory so much better than our old system. This is a big time savings for us to see live inventory availability across our three different locations and not have to resort to various spreadsheets or wander through our yards of products like we did before."
Steve Slaughter, President/CEO
Frederick Block, Brick & Stone
"With Acumatica, we now have a platform that can scale without penalizing us for doing well; encouraging sales growth, not hindering it."
Holt Condren, Co-Founder & CEO

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