Requisition Management

Requisition management software minimizes the complexity of purchasing multiple products from a wide range of suppliers. Rather than relying on email and spreadsheets, you can use requisition software to automate the way you gather requests, obtain vendor bids, create quotes, approve quotes, manage purchases, and fulfill orders in one online location.

How Requisition Management can work for you

Acumatica Requisition Management software helps you streamline your most complex purchasing processes as you serve the needs of internal or external clients. Because our purchase requisition software integrates with other Acumatica modules, you can eliminate paperwork while providing your sales, service, shipping, receiving, management, and other teams with visibility into your requisition processes.

Streamline and automate the vendor bidding process for stock and non-stock items. Email requests to vendors, collect bids electronically, and convert winning bids directly into purchase orders.

Key Benefits of Requisition Management software for your Company

  • Automate Requests

    Save time and eliminate paperwork by automating the requisition process. Authorize users to select from your catalog, limit requests to specific items, or enter descriptions. Automate the entire process including order collection, supplier bids, sending and approving quotes, issuing purchase orders, receiving goods, and more.

  • Sales Quotes

    Create sales quotes based on catalog pricing or cost plus algorithms. Print or email quotes to customers. Automatically generate sales orders and purchase orders to complete sales activities.

  • Workflow and Approvals

    Approval maps and authorizations ensure that the right people are alerted when they are needed in the process.

  • Vendor Bidding

    Eliminate paperwork and speed the bidding process by emailing requests to multiple vendors. Award the business to a single vendor or select multiple vendors for different line items on the request and convert winning bids directly into purchase orders.

Important Features of Requisition Management Software

Purchasing Integration

Automatically create purchase orders in the purchase order module from approved requisitions.

Predefined Request Lists

Limit requests to a specific list of inventory items by user.

Hide Inventory Items

Optionally hide your product catalog from users, requiring manual item entry.

Collect and Organize Requests

Bundle requests from multiple sources in a single requisition. Create approval rules based on quantity, request amount, or other factors.

Request Classes

Set requisition defaults by request class to simplify data entry and reduce errors. Limit selection to a specific list of items, create customer-only requests, hide vendor information, hide inventory catalog information, allow multiple vendors per request, and set promised lead times.

Create Customer Quotes

Create customer quotes to offer a price to customers for requested goods.

Lead Times

Set lead times for vendor items. Promise dates are calculated automatically by backing out the lead time from the required date for item requests.

Shipping Instructions

Designate where the vendor should ship the requested items when the requisition is approved, and the purchase order is released. Requests can be made to ship items to any company location, to customer locations, job sites, or other addresses.

Sales Order Integration

Turn an approved quote into a sales order form with one click. Sales orders are managed by the rules within the sales order module and linked to the requisition for easy access.

Vendor Definition

Requests and requisitions may be specified for a defined vendor or created to solicit request for quote (RFQ) information from multiple vendors, including those who may not be already established in the system.

Expiration Dates

Capture vendor RFQ expiration dates for quotes. Create Generic Inquiries, dashboards, and business events to notify employees when RFQ expiration dates require their attention.

Mail Templates

Create mail templates or choose from a list of predefined templates for sending proposal requests to vendors via email.

Non-Stock Item Requests

Employees may create requests to purchase non-stock items for office supplies or contracted services.

Complete Integration

Take advantage of integration with purchasing, order management, inventory management, project accounting, service management, and all Acumatica financial modules to automate all processes, eliminate duplicate data entry, and properly account for all transactions.

Audit Trail

Automatically create a complete audit trail of all transactions, including the identity of users who entered and approved the transaction or modified the record. Optional notes and attached electronic documents remain with the activity records.

See what Acumatica customers are saying

"Carrying a multi-million dollar inventory, you’ve got to have good controls for that … With the new controls that Acumatica has in place, our inventory is much more accurate."
Roger Collins, CFO
"Fashion tastes and trends evolve very quickly, so being fast to respond and agile as a business is key. We need to get data in and out rapidly to meet and get ahead of the market to remain an industry leader in our category."
Lester Yuen, Vice President of Operations & Finance
Timebomb Trading

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