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AI-Powered CAD BOM to Acumatica Transformations

CADTALK, a Certified Acumatica Partner, is the world’s first and only software leveraging artificial intelligence to transform engineering bills of material from virtually and CAD, PDM, or PLM application into manufacturing bills of material and routings inside Acumatica.

Each time a new part is designed in CAD or an existing part is revised, CADTALK transforms this data to create new items, new inventory records, new bills of material, and new manufacturing routings in Acumatica including all labor operations, manufacturing cycle time calculations, scrap percentages, and more. It can even select the best vendor and warehouse location for items and create inventory records by stocking location.

It's time to stop entering data manually to eliminate errors and ensure more accurate material planning and production scheduling and get products to the shop floor 80% faster. Contact us today for a demo to get more power from your Acumatica ERP!

Acumatica Certified Application
  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Connected with Acumatica
Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Delivered and supported by a Certified Acumatica Partner
  • Always current with CAD/PDM/PLM and Acumatica new version releases
  • Identifies changes between data inside CAD and Acumatica, updating them automatically for consistency across all systems
  • Eliminates manual data entry, decreasing errors and saving hundreds of hours per year
  • Increases data integrity and BOM accuracy
  • Significantly reduces manufacturing lead time, by as much as 80%


CADTALK was inspired by thousands of CAD drawings that had to be manually entered into ERP systems every time a new part was designed, or an existing part was modified. Our founders knew there had to be a better way.

Other applications on the market simply map data from CAD to ERP assuming the data is the same. CADTALK transforms engineering bills of material (eBOMs) into a format compatible with the manufacturing routings and bills of materials. The result is accurate and timely production and material planning, scheduling, and costing, thereby saving engineers time, reducing errors and getting products from engineering to manufacturing as much as 80% faster.

CADTALK ERP is the only engineering application in the world to leverage artificial intelligence to transform eBOMs and other data from CAD to a format compatible with ERP systems. It leverages artificial intelligence to transform the bill of material, routing, item, inventory, and other data from engineering and design applications into fully functional data inside Acumatica.

Other popular CADTALK products used frequently by Acumatica ERP users include:

CADTALK DFM (Design for Manufacturing) - Leverage Acumatica manufacturing data to inform your design. With CADTALK DFM you can request new part numbers, track open ECOs, view on hand quantities, select raw material numbers, and view how changes to your design affect open jobs/work orders.

CADTALK DA - Automate the creation and process of generating CAD Models based on input from configure price quote (CPQ) product configuration applications

CADTALK NEST (Nesting Software Integration) - Capture nest software information and transform it into items in Acumatica


BOM Import & Item Creation For New ERP Implementations
AI-Powered CAD BOM to ERP Transformations
Access ERP Data Inside CAD with Design for Manufacturing


Customer Reviews

Hooper, Ryan
Great CAD integration product
October 6th, 2023

CADTalk has a very solid product that allows companies to be able to integrate their CAD software to Acumatica. In addition to the product, the team behind it is great and will ensure that you have an exceptional experience. You can't have the product without the people and CADTalk has both.

Topuzyan, Talin
Impressive CAD Integration Capabilities
July 19th, 2023

CADTALK provides a bi-directional integration between CAD systems and Acumatica. Enabling the transformation of engineer designs into manufacturing BOMs. This tool saves my clients time, energy, and resources trying to manually manage and update their BOM through numerous spreadsheets. CADTALK offers affordable packages and plans based on the number of engineers that need design access. The CADTALK Team is knowledgeable, reliable, and easy to work with. 10 out of 10 highly recommend!

Kirkey, Rob
Off the shelf, flexible, solution to real-world CAD integration problems
June 19th, 2023

The team at CADTALK have years of experience in the manufacturing industry and it shows, both in terms of their superior products and by the insights and expertise their team consistently provides.

It has been a pleasure to introduce the CADTALK team and CADTALK ERP to our clients, as it is a given that both will provide substantial persistent value.

Hours and mistakes disappear when CADTALK ERP's bi-directional integration of CAD applications (including SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, and many others) with Acumatica Cloud ERP using our clients' business logic to automatically determine what information flows to/from each respective application.

Knight, Nick
True bi-directional and deep configuration capabilities
June 13th, 2023

CADTalk's Acumatica integration has been a game changer with our manufacturing clients. CADTalk's bi-directional capability helps to automate part number creation for new items and ensure existing items are assigned the correct part number. Deep configuration capabilities enable the user to create complex bills of material including routings and outside processes while checking for errors and integrity. In summary, the CADTalk platform reduces mfg. lead time, improves inventory accuracy, and makes for happier customers.

Stickney, Jake
Very Customizable, Great Customer Service
June 18th, 2020

Having now spent the last four months using CADTALK in conjunction with Acumatica, I have found it to be a very useful tool. We create very large assemblies in Autodesk-Inventor and use CADTALK to upload our files/BOM’s into Acumatica. The upload process usually takes 5 to 10 minutes depending on the size of the file we are attempting to upload. Given the fact we work with such large files, it is somewhat expected that we have had issues from time to time. The CADTALK team has been very quick to respond to and correct any issues we have run into. I don’ think any of our problems have remained open a complete day even. The process of setting up the software went very smoothly. I was impressed how customizable the software was to link Inventor file properties to the location it was intended for in Acumatica. It took a day or two working with CADTALK to iron out the links, and the rest is history.

The negatives I have found so far, I wish Attributes were more accessible through this process. To date, we have not found a way to write properties into a Stock Item Attribute in Acumatica. Also, I would like to see CADTALK find a way to upload non-stock items into Acumatica. These are very minimal issues though.

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