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ExakTime – Time and Attendance

Time tracking purpose-built for construction

In the field or on a job site, you and your crews don’t have time to mess around with paper, spreadsheets or apps that aren’t reliable and easy to use. That’s why ExakTime was designed to be simple and intuitive with the functions and features you need.

But there’s so much more to ExakTime than our easy clock-in/clock-out interface.

Behind the scenes are rich construction-specific features you can use for better in-the-field oversight like:
• FaceFront for photo ID capture
• GPS tracking to see where employees are (or aren’t)
• Geofencing to ensure people are clocking in from the job site
• Multi-media field notes
• Equipment tracking
• Expense tracking
• Scheduling to manage crews and job sites
• Time off tracking to make PTO administration easier
• Custom alerts and notifications so communicating with employees is a snap

And with ExakTime’s pre-built interface to Acumatica you can skip the manual processes and enjoy timely, accurate paychecks week in and week out.

• Single source for the time & attendance data needed for accurate payroll
• Fewer data entry points reduces data errors and saves time
• Enhanced accuracy means better compliance for data-driven requirements like Certified Payroll
• All data is secure and protected
• Minimal set-up required; integration protocols are established, tested and turnkey

Want to learn more about how ExakTime’s integration with Acumatica can make your pay and job data more accurate and streamline your operations?

Contact us online today at exaktime.com for more information or call 888-457-0796 to get a live demonstration.

  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Connected with Acumatica
Industry Served
Construction or Cross industries

Key features

  • A powerful yet easy-to-use mobile app tracks individuals or crews
  • Wireless, rugged battery powered clock sends time tracking data back to your office using cellular technology
  • Rugged, weather-proof job clock securely mounts at your job sites
  • A cloud-based solution for any time, anywhere workforce management
  • Easy, accurate job costing for fair pay and smart budgeting
  • Mobile forms for employee confirmation of breaks/no injuries in the field
  • Powerful reports for overtime, labor hours by time or project, and more
  • Construction-friendly timesheet app collects data even without wi-fi access

About Arcoro

Construction companies and contractors have special workforce management needs, and Arcoro offers a suite of modular software that enables companies to address them successfully.

Arcoro is the only HR technology company focused on the construction industry, offering solutions to help companies hire, manage and grow their back office, professional and skilled trade workforce.

Arcoro’s suite of modules includes:

• Applicant Tracking
• Onboarding
• Learning Management
• Core HR
• Benefits
• ExakTime time/attendance tracking
• Compensation management
• Performance management and succession planning.

Companies can choose to leverage one or all of the modules, and many customers start with one or two and add more as their needs change, or their organization grows.

Modules within Arcoro’s suite are fully integrated, but they also integrate with other construction technology including project management, workforce management and accounting systems. Arcoro maintains strong partnerships with other leading construction tech providers to ensure a seamless experience for customers.

Over 10,000 construction companies and contractors of all sizes in North America rely on Arcoro to help them address their HR needs. Every day more than 1 million construction pros clock in and out on an Arcoro product.

Arcoro strives to deliver the best experience for employees in the field and in the office. For more information please visit us at www.arcoro.com.



Customer Reviews

Hamilton, Jeff
Roberts Glass & Service
Nice addition
November 10th, 2021

ExakTime has a simple end user experience making deployment easy. We can direct job specific labor cost for each project and understand our total costs in real time.

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