Acumatica’s Modern Cloud ERP Solution Empowers Multi-Modal Manufacturing Businesses to Fend off Competitors and Delight Customers

This Industry Brief is packed with powerful information about how sophisticated ERP applications, like Acumatica, can help multi-modal manufacturing businesses minimize costs, increase turns, and optimize operations.

Streamline Multi-Modal Manufacturing Planning Processes with a Modern ERP Application
“Modern ERP applications like Acumatica streamline MTS planning processes with real-time insights into stock levels across locations. Connected demand forecasting applications, blanket sales orders, material planning, and scheduling work harmoniously to minimize inventory levels while alleviating costly stock out situations.”

For make-to-stock (MTS) manufacturers, too much or too little inventory negatively affects the customer experience and the bottom line. To ensure inventory amounts are accurate, they need help from the right technology: a comprehensive cloud ERP solution that provides industry-specific support for multi-modal manufacturing businesses.

This Industry Brief provides:

  • A detailed MTS overview of Inventory Management, Demand Forecasts, and Manufacturing and Supply Plans.
  • Insights into the many benefits of a modern ERP system.
  • A complete Manufacturing ERP Evaluation Checklist MTS manufacturers can use to thoroughly compare ERP vendors.

Acumatica customer Tim Patton, ICT Director, SAM, says Acumatica is the forecasting and customer-servicing solution they needed to succeed. “The quote to cash cycle is the lifeblood of our business, and Acumatica has given us the tools to manage it effectively and efficiently every step of the way . . . We have valuable tools to see what’s coming, to do all our forecasting through dashboards, and focus on key customers.”

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This Industry Brief is offered by Acumatica, a leading provider of cloud business management software that gives mid-sized companies a complete, real-time view of their businesses—anytime, anywhere.

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