Mobile ERP Application

Acumatica’s native mobile app boosts productivity, placing remote access to ERP data in the palm of your hand. View accounts and contacts, manage approvals, start field service appointments, capture field reports and images from job sites, and retrieve real-time information from across your organization. Check the status of an order, review stocking levels by warehouse location, and manage your business by exception.

How Acumatica's Mobile ERP App Can Work for You

Enjoy easy access to Acumatica information with the native mobile app for iOS and Android—wherever you are, any time of the day or night. Capture expense receipts, time entries, and electronic signatures on the go. Take advantage of a personal mobile workspace with customizable widgets, favorites, and KPIs to truly support each user’s needs and priorities.

Key Benefits of Mobile ERP App for iOS and Android for your Company

  • Real-time access

    Connects to Acumatica in real time – you always have access to up-to-date information.

  • Extend your functionality

    Expose a variety of functionality in the mobile app using Acumatica’s Mobile Application Framework and the tools and languages developers already use. Develop advanced mobile solutions for your ERP on the Acumatica framework.

  • Automatic synchronization

    Changes made in the mobile app are updated and synced in Acumatica automatically.

  • Mobile device integration

    Leverage the unique capabilities of your mobile device such as the camera or fingerprint reader. Use the Acumatica ERP web interface to capture and upload images with a registered mobile device. Capture an image of a receipt and Acumatica automatically creates the expense receipt using AI with Machine Learning.

Important Features of Mobile ERP App for iOS and Android

Time Reporting

Update Acumatica immediately from anywhere, at any time with mobile time card entry.


Review and complete approvals for time, expense, and sales orders in just a few clicks.

Task Management

Create an event in the mobile app and edit it in Acumatica CRM at any time.

Available on iOS and Android

Increase employee productivity by letting your staff work on the devices of their choice.

No Cost to You

Download the app for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Mobile Push Notifications

Automatically notify users of business events via the mobile app. For example, the app can notify salespeople of new opportunities.

Navigation Tabs

Navigate to the most used detail lists by tapping or swiping on the mobile form. For example, users can swipe to view Summary, Details, and Settings on an order form.

Mobile Image Upload

Use the web interface to capture and upload images with a registered mobile device. Capture an image of a receipt and Acumatica automatically creates the expense receipt using AI with Machine Learning. Capture client signatures and attach them to documents.

Personal Mobile Workspace

Personalize mobile workspace with widgets, favorites, and KPIs to support user preferences and priorities.

Signature Capture

Capture customer signatures on the mobile app and attach them to documents. Enable users to sign documents, request signatures to close a completed task, and automate record-keeping of signed official documents.

Mobile Paystubs

Enable employees to review paychecks, and access and print paystubs from their mobile devices.

See what Acumatica customers are saying

"In my mind, Dynamics GP was an old building painted as new. The biggest benefit to Acumatica is the confidence you get from knowing that it’s built on a new-generation platform."
Juan Schotel, CEO
EOS Group
"As we grow with larger nationwide projects, Acumatica allows us to manage the process more efficiently. Because of Acumatica and the information we provide, clients have a high level of comfort with us."
Jared Cohen, CEO and Co-Owner
Auto Action Technologies

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