Customer Success Stories Successful ERP Implementation - Devil’s Peak Brewing Company
Acumatica Helps Growing Craft Brewer Improve Data Control and Operational Efficiency
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Acumatica Cloud ERP solution for Devil’s Peak Brewing Company
Headquarters brewery in Cape Town, South Africa, with operations also in four other locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town
Food and beverage, Manufacturing
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Devil’s Peak Brewing Company

  • Enhanced visibility of data and strengthened supply chain control “end-to-end”
  • 24/7 staff access to the system from anywhere, through the cloud
  • Anticipated ability to manage growth and improve connections with suppliers and vendors
Derek Szabo
"I would definitely recommend Acumatica to other businesses. It covers the full ERP functionality, it integrates with other products well, and it’s cost-effective."
Derek Szabo, Managing Director
Devil’s Peak Brewing Company
ERP Solution


Devil’s Peak Brewing Company needed:

  • Visibility across the business, including production and inventory
  • A true Cloud solution
  • A competitively priced product
ERP Solution

ERP Solution

While looking for their new system, Szabo says, the company considered several options, including SAP Business One, Sage, SYSPRO, and NetSuite. They determined they wanted a “full cloud solution,” which narrowed down the choices to NetSuite and Acumatica.

In the end, Szabo says, Devil’s Peak Brewing valued Acumatica’s functionality and its ability to manage the ERP suite that the company wanted, at a competitive price. “We were looking for a cloud-based solution which was able to handle the full financial and industry capability that we require,” he says. “Acumatica was able to handle the full end-to-end functionality, it was cloud-based, and it was exceptionally cost-effective.”

Szabo praises their Acumatica partner, One Channel, for their work during and after the switch: “One Channel helped us throughout the preparation process, as well as during the testing, training, and go-live.” The partner continues to provide ongoing support.

Devil’s Peak Brewing chose the Acumatica suites for Financial, Distribution, and Customer Management as well as the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, formerly known as JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software (JAMS). Szabo reports, “We’re currently using the full end-to-end suite, including raw material procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, and obviously all the associated financial functions.”



Devil’s Peak Brewing appreciates Acumatica’s simplicity and its user interface, and the help offered to customers. According to Szabo, “What is impressive about Acumatica is the user interface is exceptionally simple, the help guides are very useful and friendly, and we use them continuously today.” In addition to being user-friendly, Acumatica empowers the staff by allowing them 24/7 access: “Data is available from anywhere in the cloud, so people can do their jobs from the office, airport or home,” he says.

Devil’s Peak Brewing also values the range of business functions Acumatica covers, as well as the direct integration with Power BI and “cloud functionality” of the platform. In future, Szabo says, they will consider developing a variety of functions against the platform, including “integrated customer ordering, integrated distributor information, and enhanced PowerBI dashboarding.”

Acumatica’s cloud ERP has helped Devil’s Peak Brewing improve “control and visibility of inventory as it moves through the end-to-end value chain,” according to Szabo. This will also enhance the brewery’s ability to grow, he says, “Full supply chain visibility will enable us to target the areas where we have issues and tackle them, to ensure we are operating efficiently and driving growth across sales, supply chain, manufacturing and finance.”

Thanks to Acumatica, Szabo reports the staff doesn’t need to focus as much on what their system says: “We are already trusting the numbers in our systems more, and as our business becomes more and more complex that becomes more critical.” He adds, “We can focus on selling and making beer.”

Devil’s Peak Brewing expects Acumatica will help them continue to improve and grow their business. Szabo says, “We’re also looking to do direct integrations with suppliers, with vendors, and potentially with international partners, which we believe we will be able to do with Acumatica. As our business grows and becomes more complex, and we add new regions and new products, we believe that Acumatica will be able to support us through that.”

The benefits that Acumatica has brought to Devil’s Peak Brewing encourage lead Szabo to advocate for other companies to switch: “I would definitely recommend Acumatica to other businesses. It covers the full ERP functionality, it integrates with other products well, and it’s cost-effective.”

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