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SVCONTHEGO Service Optimization Solution

Svconthego is a cloud-based Field Service Management solution for small to mid-size service organizations. Svconthego is fully functioned to support the operational, transactional, and analytical needs of the organization. Svconthego is integrated with Acumatica through our Enterprise Connector Tool, which lets invoices flow from Svconthego to Acumatica after jobs are completed in the field.

Starting with your back office, employees get the tools they need to complete their day-to-day tasks. Svconthego maintains site based records that process and manage customer contact information, contracts, service job records, equipment history, and past invoices in one place. Dispatchers can access all of this information to ensure the right technician gets sent to the right job with the right tools and parts. All of this is done digitally to maximize efficiency and reduce admin time.

Mobile technicians also get the tools they need to service their informational and workflow needs. Svconthego Mobile will automatically display an individual technician’s list of open service jobs. With one touch, the selected service job screen is open and ready for review, transaction entry, job memos, purchase order requests, past service history inquiry, inventory quantities on hand, field data collection (inspection) forms, signature capture, field payments and much more! At the press of a button, your technician’s transaction activity is automatically routed back to the office for review and approval. Electronic copies of signed service tickets, inspections, pictures, and payments are all automatically and securely filed into their appropriate service job history folders.

The days of double entry, handwritten service tickets, disjointed calendars, and clipboard carrying technicians are over. Today's service businesses need to be more mobile than ever. They need to have paperless processes that build customer confidence and work force efficiency! Service operators using Acumatica and Svconthego will have the tools, information, and insight necessary to thrive in the competitive service industry.

Key features

  • Direct connection to Acumatica that updates invoices in Acumatica after jobs are completed in the field.
  • Cloud-based solution optimized for the needs of the field service enterprises using Acumatica Cloud ERP.
  • Streamline your field service enterprise by running it all on one system.
  • Process and manage contracts, service jobs, invoicing, and equipment information with improved accuracy & efficiency.
  • Field service technicians get the real-time job processing tools and equipment records they need on their mobile devices.
  • VIP Dashboard and in-depth business reporting give you unparalleled access to key business data.

About Ascent

We help leading small to mid-sized field service organizations across North America get to the next level by helping them overcome service business pains. For over 30 years, we have helped our clients navigate the complex service industry.

Service operators using Acumatica can maximize service efficiency and profitability with our years of experience optimizing service enterprises of all shapes and sizes. We also provide best in class field service management software to streamline complex service workflows from start to finish.  Our knowledge and solutions provide the competitive advantages that make our clients the market leaders they are today.


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