Perfecting the Q2C Cycle for Distributors and Retail Companies

Here are 14 simple steps to getting paid faster.

Q2C Cycle Software for Distribution and Retail
“Acumatica provides flexibility to support many different quote-to-cash workflows with powerful applications to manage leads, inventory, purchasing, picking, packing, shipments, and accounting. In addition, omnichannel sales are supported for in-house sales, online commerce storefront orders, or retail point of sale transactions.”

Is your quote-to-cash (Q2C) cycle taking too long? Are late customer payments throttling your cash flow? Do employees waste too much time chasing down payments and not enough time building your business?

These are common complaints among wholesale distributors and retail companies. Why? Because the Q2C cycle is complex. But with the right software supporting cross-departmental workflows, you can get paid faster with less effort. Learn how in a new playbook from Acumatica.

Read this playbook to discover:

  • Three phases and 14 unique steps your Q2C solution must support.
  • The easiest way to create five common types of quotes.
  • How to streamline the sales process by automatically converting leads to opportunities, customers, and contacts.
  • Why inventory planning is critical for faster Q2C.
  • What decision-makers from leading distribution and retail leaders are saying about Acumatica’s robust Q2C process.

With the right solution supporting your business, you can get paid faster to bolster access to working capital to grow your business. Get started by downloading the playbook now.

This playbook is offered by Acumatica, a leading provider of cloud business management software. Learn how mid-sized wholesale distributors and retail companies set a solid foundation for Q2C with a complete, real-time view of their businesses—anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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